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Mulvihill U.S. Health Care Enhanced Yield ETF Announces Semi-Annual Results

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TORONTO, Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (TSX: XLVE) Mulvihill U.S. Health Care Enhanced Yield ETF (the “Fund”) announces results of operations for the six months ended June 30, 2023. Decrease in net assets attributable to holders of Units amounted to $0.08 million or $0.13 per Unit. Net assets attributable to holders of Units as at June 30, 2023 were $7.10 million or $9.46 per Unit. Cash distributions of $0.29 per Unit were paid to unitholders during the period.

The Fund seeks to provide unitholders with long-term capital appreciation through exposure to a portfolio consisting principally of the U.S. health care issuers selected from the S&P 500 Index that are classified as “health care” by Standard and Poor’s Global Industry Classification Standard and monthly cash distributions.

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To accomplish its objectives, the Fund invests in an actively managed portfolio comprised principally of securities from the S&P 500 Health Care Index. Modest leverage of 25 percent enhances the dividend yields of the underlying stocks and provides additional return potential. The Fund will also utilize option strategies to enhance the income generated by the portfolio and to reduce volatility. The Fund is also permitted to hedge all or a portion of the foreign currency exposure of the Fund’s portfolio back to the Canadian dollar.

The Fund’s investment portfolio is managed by its investment manager, Mulvihill Capital Management Inc.   The Fund’s Units are listed on Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols XLVE.

Selected Financial Information: ($ Millions)
Statement of Comprehensive Income        
For the six months ended June 30, 2023        
Income (including Net Gain on Investments)   $ 0.09    
Expenses     (0.17 )  
Decrease in Net Assets Attributable to Holders of Units   $ (0.08 )  

For further information, please contact Investor Relations at 416.681.3966, toll free at 1.800.725.7172 or visit www.mulvihill.com

X-ray, CT, MRI results to be shared straight with Albertans as a result of on line wellbeing records device

Productive March 20, effects for diagnostic imaging assessments — together with an X-Ray, MRI or CT scan — will be uploaded straight to an suitable patient’s MyHealth Documents account next launch from the take a look at company.

In accordance to Alberta Health, this adjust is currently being produced to offer Albertans with additional access to their health and fitness details, and as an more safety internet for individual treatment inside the procedure. 

It also suggests it is staying carried out in collaboration with Alberta Wellness Products and services, Alberta Professional medical Association and the College of Doctors and Surgeons of Alberta.

In 2019, Alberta Wellbeing began sharing a patient’s lab outcomes by the on-line portal and this is the future action.

“We are gradually moving absent from what you could contact, perhaps,  the a lot more paternalistic product where the doctor tells you what you have and describes every little thing and tells you what you ought to do, in direction of additional of a collaborative, shared conclusion-creating technique where people are likely to be extra savvy, extra being familiar with and have a greater consciousness of their well being, together with outcomes,” said Dr. Eddy Lang, department head of emergency drugs in the Calgary zone.

A doctor wearing an overcoat.
Dr. Eddy Lang is section head of unexpected emergency drugs in the Calgary zone. (Submitted by Dr. Eddy Lang)

In accordance to an Alberta Wellbeing facts pamphlet, the effects will land at the exact time as it does with the buying medical professional — if not right before — should that company rely on fax or paper delivery.

People will be in a position to view their take a look at final results by way of the provincial government’s My Own Information (MPR) software, according to Alberta Wellbeing Services, which is aspect of

N.B. mobility advocate applauds move to make blood test results available online

The New Brunswick government’s move to make blood test results available online is getting a good review from the executive director of Ability New Brunswick, a non-profit group that supports people with reduced mobility.

Some clients of the organization who have serious health issues are excited about the change, said Haley Flaro.

“It helps people to be better partners in their own health care,” she said.

People with chronic conditions such as diabetes, and people undergoing cancer treatments are among those who stand to benefit the most, said Flaro.

“They can take a look at the results in advance, write down questions, write down concerns and be prepared for their meeting with their primary health care providers.”

She also thinks it will help relieve the “very stressed” health system.

A portrait of a woman.
Dr. Michèle Michaud, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society, said in some cases, if results are not easy to understand, a followup appointment with a doctor is recommended. (New Brunswick Medical Society)

The New Brunswick Medical Society also welcomed greater patient access to records, saying that having lab results and “potentially other types of results” online could benefit patients and free up doctors’ time as well.

When results are normal, a patient wouldn’t have to make an appointment with a doctor, said Dr. Michèle Michaud, society president.

“In some cases, however, results may not be clear or easy to understand, in which case a followup appointment with a physician is still recommended.”

But not everyone has access to the new service yet.

A photo showing the webpage for the MyHealth N.B. site.
Only people whose identity has been confirmed in person at a medical appointment can get a ‘verified’ MyHealthNB account, according to the Department of Health. (GNB)

For security reasons, only people whose identity has been confirmed in person at a medical appointment can get a “verified” MyHealthNB account,

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