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Microsoft Launches New AI Solutions To Help Unlock The Power Of Healthcare Data

As the healthcare industry and the technology that serves it rapidly grows, there is an immense amount of data and information generated. In fact, reports indicate that the growth rate of healthcare data is far beyond those of other industries: approximately 30% of the world’s data is currently generated by the healthcare industry, with a growth rate of nearly 36%— more than the manufacturing, financial services, and entertainment industries.

One of most useful aspects of the swiftly evolving technology landscape in the last two decades has been the innovation of methods to analyze this data and generate new insights as a means more effective care delivery. Famed technology giant Microsoft has been at the top of this game.

Earlier this year, the company announced Microsoft Fabric, “an end-to-end, unified analytics platform” which integrates multiple technologies (e.g., Azure Data Factory, Power BI) to enable organizations to unlock the potential of their data.

Now, Microsoft is going even further to bring this technology into the hands of healthcare organizations. At the HLTH 2023 conference on Tuesday, Microsoft introduced new healthcare-specific data solutions in Fabric to help healthcare organizations unify data across siloed formats and sources to provide them a more robust way to analyze and generate insights from this data. Specifically, the platform will provide healthcare organizations with:

  • A means to collate data across various siloes, ranging from electronic health records to claims management systems, devices, and imaging repositories (e.g., PACS)
  • A foundation to build new data analytics solutions to visualize the data and generate meaningful insights
  • A new de-identification service, which uses machine learning to sanitize clinical data and personal health information while analyzing medical documentation

Furthermore, the company is also releasing new healthcare AI capabilities through Azure AI:

  • Azure AI Health Insights will provide prebuilt models that can generate insights

Microsoft Is Aggressively Investing In Healthcare AI

Earlier this month, healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company Paige announced a new partnership with renowned technology giant, Microsoft.

Paige describes itself as a company at the forefront of technology and healthcare, especially in the field of cancer diagnostics and pathology. The company explains its mission: “Led by a team of experts in the fields of life sciences, oncology, pathology, technology, machine learning, and healthcare…[we strive] to transform cancer diagnostics. We make it possible not only to provide additional information from digital slides to help pathologists perform their diagnostic work efficiently and confidently, but also to go beyond by extracting novel insights from digital slides that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These unique tissue signatures have the potential to help guide treatment decisions and enable the development of novel biomarkers from tissues for diagnostic, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.”

The company offers a variety of solutions. On the clinical front, Paige’s AI tools enable advanced diagnostics in the lab with computational pathology, which can be leveraged to identify complex tissue patterns. On the pharmaceutical front, the company’s tools offer new ways to identify and analyze tissue biomarkers, pushing forward diagnostic and predictive capabilities.

Given its new partnership with Microsoft, the goal will be to use the latter’s incredibly robust resources in healthcare and technology to further unlock value in Paige’s tools. Andy Moye, CEO of Paige explained: “In Microsoft, we’ve really found a partner that shares our vision in how healthcare is going to be transformed … For us, the vision we talked to Microsoft about is, how do we help create the digitization of pathology? How do we ensure that these tools are being used to get better patient care, to get better patient outcomes?”

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