February 7, 2023

On a scale of Barkley, whose style Josh describes as universal and bold, to McCaffrey, who leans more toward simple and chic styles, Zech falls somewhere in the middle. Josh’s agency, PEÆK, boasts an inventory that caters to their varied preferences.

PEÆK has interchangeable spelling, and its meaning aligns with his purpose of helping athletes look, feel, and in turn, play their best.

“P-e-a-k means I want those who I’m styling to reach their peak in their respective careers and life with goals; I want it to be just deeper into fashion,” Josh said.

“P-e-e-k means that I want my clients to gain notice from what they’re wearing, for people to peek at them when they wear their clothing. I think that it brings confidence, knowing that you look good, but that other people notice that as well.”‘

Even when they aren’t working toward a gameday fit, Zech still seeks his brother’s style expertise.

The two often FaceTime, talking football, family, and goals while Zech poses in front of his propped-up iPhone and Josh perfects his outfits.

It’s been a record year already for the McPhearson clan – which boasts eight athletic siblings: Gerrick Jr., Derrick, Emmanuel, Jeremiah, Matthew, Josh, Zech, and Kimberly. And the best is yet to come.

Josh expressed his interest in expanding his influence past the NFL, eyeing opportunities to work with individuals across other sports and the broader entertainment scope.

As for Zech, he’s had a fruitful second season, earning NFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors after a standout performance in the team’s season opener – he totaled a career-high-tying 2 special teams tackles and recovered a surprise onside kick in the third quarter that set up a scoring drive in the 38-35 victory in Detroit. He recorded his first career sack in the 22-16 win over the Giants in Week 18, and recorded a momentous tackle on a punt return in Saturday’s playoff game.

He and his team are less than a week out from a monumental Eagles vs. 49ers matchup to decide which team will represent the NFC in Super Bowl LVII.

Ambition is ever-present for the McPhearsons – their father, Gerrick, and mother, Kim, raised them on a lesson they hold close in all of their ventures.

“My dad always tells me, he tells all my (siblings), including Zechariah, that our best days in life are ahead of us,” Josh said. “So that’s my perspective. My best days in life are ahead.”

And he knows Zech’s are, too.

“He went through so much to get to where he is, from being at Penn State, to not playing, to transferring into Texas Tech, and becoming an All-American. Just enduring all of those phases when he was just going through a lot, to make it to where he is, to overcome all those trials and obstacles,” Josh said.

“My family is extremely proud of him. He’s representing our family and our last name in a great light.”

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