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What You Need to Know about Professional Drug Testing

Both employees and their employers ought to be knowledgeable in matters to do with drug policies. In many institutions, there are rules and regulations. To keep your job, it is necessary that you obey the rules. However, employers need to appreciate the consistent revision of the law on drugs. The alcohol and drug policies need to be looked into every so often to ensure they are in tandem with the laws of the land.

There are many reasons why drug testing is necessary. Employers should have all the different reasons for this at their fingertips. Productivity is key to your workspace, and some drugs will naturally lower productivity.

Safety is another important reason for drug screening. If you have employees physically, emotionally and mentally unstable due to drugs, you are putting others at risk. Additionally, drug tests help enhance integrity and intervention into mislead priorities. One can perform a professional drug test in several ways. Highlighted below are examples of such methods.

The Urine Test
When it comes to drug testing, urinalysis is usually the most used and most efficient method. Urinalysis is a professional test that has been used by so many people for a long time. The reason why the urine test is popular is because it mostly indicates the presence of metabolites of non-psychoactive drugs. It is an effective way of knowing whether there is any marijuana metabolite which is easily detected in urine. The reason behind this is that marijuana metabolite is fat soluble which means that even after two weeks of using the drug it can still be present in your urine.

Saliva Test
If you want a test that can give you results in a few hours then the saliva test is the best since it is an instant drug test. In most cases, the saliva test is effective at displaying the presence of common parent drugs. Saliva tests are sensitive because if the test is done wrongly, the results displayed may turn out to be false. Moreover, there is always a minimum detection window left when it comes to saliva tests. Thus, if you do not perform a test for some drugs like marijuana or nicotine as soon as they are taken, you may fail to detect them. The popularity of the saliva test can be attributed to the ease of doing it and how affordable it is.

Testing Hair Follicles
The hair follicle test is efficient even though it is not as popular as other methods. It is meant to detect the presence of drug metabolites which go to the follicles from the bloodstream. However, compared to the other methods, it can provide more information about patterns of use.

Doing Blood Tests
Lastly, you have the blood test. It is believed to be the best and most precise screening method. The reason comes from the fact that drug substances from a variety of drugs go directly into the bloodstream. The blood tests are not cheap, and they are always brought out when a lot is at stake.

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