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30 styles for a youthful aesthetic

Whether you’re a baby boomer just now learning of the newer generation or a millennial in a constant battle with their younger peers, one thing is for sure — Gen Z is making waves in the world of fashion and there is no way to ignore them.

This is most evident on TikTok, where Gen Z users (typically born around the late 1990s — if not the early 2000’s — through the early 2010s) are taking a stand when it comes to style. Most notably, the “Zoomers” as some like to call them, have canceled skinny jeans, to the dismay and flat-out disdain of Millennials and those who had to suffer through wide-leg gauchos and low-rise flares in their own youth.

Other cancellations include having a side part in your hair, the laughing-crying emoji and rose gold, to name a few. However, some fashion blasts from the past are back in style again according to Gen Z. This list includes skinny baguette handbags and platform shoes from the early ’90s, biker shorts from the 80’s, crew necks from the 60’s, and even pearl necklaces from the ’20s.

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Since Gen Z is now the largest generation alive as of 2020, maybe it’s wise to listen to the youngsters as opposed to the elders, as they have also been deemed to be more financially-stable, frugal, health-conscious and body-positive than any previous generation.

So, whether you think “Coastal Grandmother” inspired bucket hats are old-fashioned or you are obsessed with slip dresses and skinny sunglasses, Generation Z and their loud and unapologetic fashion choices are here to stay. Take a look at some of Gen

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