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Majority Of Gaza Hospitals And Clinics Shut Down: Palestinian Health Ministry

Of the 72 primary health care clinics, 52 have also been forced to close, it added.

More than 40 patients, including four premature babies, have died at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Gaza’s largest hospital, in the last six days, according to the health ministry.

Most of the intensive care unit patients, who were on ventilators due to the lack of fuel and oxygen at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, have died, the doctor who leads the burns department at the hospital told Al-Jazeera over the phone from inside the facility on Friday.

Dr. Ahmad Mofeed Al-Mokhalalati noted a significant decrease in the number of premature babies in their care, with little hope for the survival of the remaining infants under the current conditions.

The hospital, which is Gaza’s largest, is grappling with a severe shortage of basic necessities — no water and no electricity in the main buildings of the compound, the doctor continued.

As a result, surgical operations have come to a halt due to the lack of electricity. This has led to an increase in suffering, especially among children who are now facing severe intestinal infections, a direct consequence of the unavailability of clean water, Al-Mokhalalati added.

And although he noted that Israeli forces promised to provide food, the supply delivered was grossly insufficient, catering to for only 40% of those inside the hospital, he stated.

The situation escalated when the Israeli forces stormed two buildings within the medical compound, with tanks still present in the area, the doctor noted. Snipers have been deployed around the hospital, adding a layer of fear and uncertainty according to Al-Mokhalalati.

Ashraf al-Qudra, the Ministry of Health spokesperson in al-Shifa Hospital, also said that the situation is “catastrophic”, as Israeli soldiers continue to raid the building.

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Can synthetic intelligence shut the health-treatment hole for women of all ages?

For many years, females have been vastly below-represented in professional medical research and trials. That’s starting off to change — Wellbeing Canada’s mandate that women of all ages be integrated in medical trials in 1997 was a valuable start off — but quite a few of the protocols for diagnosing and treating individuals are dependent on what functions for adult men. That means women of all ages are having drugs that have been dosed for the normal male physique body weight and are enduring unanticipated side consequences because of biological distinctions. In actuality, females are 50 to 75 for every cent extra probable to practical experience an adverse reaction to medication than adult men are.

Their signs are also less probable to be taken significantly. For instance, whilst heart disorder is the leading cause of premature dying in females in Canada, early coronary heart assault signals had been skipped by medical practitioners in 78 for every cent of girls, in accordance to the Coronary heart and Stroke Basis. And issues going through women especially obtain much fewer focus than these influencing only adult men — 5 occasions far more dollars goes to erectile dysfunction analysis than scientific studies on premenstrual syndrome.

In current a long time, scientists have been hunting to artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance overall health care. Experiments with the technology have proven guarantee in smoothing patient flows, assisting to diagnose pores and skin problems, lowering human several hours used on administrative details, prioritizing client requirements and facilitating drug discoveries, between other things.

So could AI enable shut the know-how hole and strengthen wellbeing care for gals and other underneath investigated groups? It’s an thrilling prospect and completely conceivable, suggests Ashley Casovan, the executive director of the Liable AI Institute in Ottawa. The non-gain firm is working

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