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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: 64 Menswear Pieces to Own in 2024

When it comes to style, we’re guilty of talking about the idea of men’s wardrobe essentials as if everyone knows what the hell we’re rambling on about. But they’re more complicated than, say, the essentials you need to exist in the world: keys, wallet, phone, phone charger. Forge those and you’ll have a miserable day. But when it comes to what you wear, dividing what’s crucial from what’s just nice-to-have—and then finding the stuff that feels like your vibe—takes some energy. Which is where we come in.

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

What exactly should a men’s basic wardrobe include? If we’re talking about the atomic-level, just-arrived-on-Earth necessities, we end up with a list of five or six staples that’s almost useless in its vagueness: underwear, socks, a shirt, pants, shoes, maybe a jacket depending on where you call home. So we’ve pulled together a more specific starter pack of men’s essentials. One that—in our opinion—covers almost every need short of a black-tie gala.

Best Plus-Size Men’s Clothing 2023

Finding the best plus-size men’s clothing isn’t as tricky as it used to be—the plus-size market for both men and women has expanded beyond the small, dated and dusty sections in department stores and is readily available at many online retailers.

While more brands are offering inclusive sizing, it doesn’t mean the fit is always the best. We tapped plus-size model and influencer David Fadd for his advice and conducted our own independently research to find the best plus-size men’s clothing, focusing on brands that cater to different fashion styles and shapes. Whether you’re fashion-forward or just starting to expand your wardrobe, we have options for you.

Sizes: 32 to 60 | Average price point: $55 to $100

Quality denim isn’t the easiest thing to find for plus-size bodies; there needs to be the perfect amount of stretch and durability. Classic brand Levi’s has long been known for its durability since it started as a workwear brand. Adding a few pairs of well-constructed denim jeans into your wardrobe is essential— this pair can be dressed up or down and handle everyday wear and tear.

Sizes: M to 7XL | Average price point: $82 to $100

Good Counsel offers unique and style-forward tops that may be difficult to find elsewhere. The brand provides layer-ready pieces to help build your wardrobe with tops you can mix and match all year. They also have a GC membership subscription program that gives you early access to exclusive members only pieces, early access to drops and 30% off all products, plus more.

Sizes: 30 to 50 | Average price point: $30 to $40

Lets face it, Dickies aren’t going

‘Preserve those special small moments’: Movember men’s health awareness month organiser on his app to capture family memories – and key health information

Nicholas Worley hasn’t shaved for a while. The Hong Kong resident is preparing his moustache for Movember, the annual event that shines a light on men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Cultivating a ’tash is a way to support Movember, a global movement which this year marks its 20th anniversary. Much has happened since its seeds were sown by mates downing beers at a pub in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003.

It has helped fund more than 1,300 men’s health projects globally and was the catalyst for the world’s largest prostate cancer registry network, which now has more than 200,000 men from 23 countries enrolled.

It’s also been a driving force behind the channelling of almost US$350 million into more than 600 biomedical research projects for prostate and testicular cancer.

Worley at a Movember event in Hong Kong in 2012. Photo: courtesy of Nicholas Worley

Since incorporating mental health issues such as suicide in 2006, the movement has united experts, funded bold new approaches and embraced fresh perspectives all built around “getting men talking”.

“Mo bros”, as they are called, and their sisters, are encouraged to take action and get men talking about men’s health. It’s much needed.

Speak up, guys. We’re all hurting during Covid-19 – want to talk about it?

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men aged 15 to 39, while more than 1.4 million men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020, a number expected to increase to 2.3 million globally by 2040.

In Hong Kong, more than 30 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every month. It is the third-most common cancer in men.

Worley has been supporting the Movember movement since 2010. “I organised some of the first gala parties in Hong Kong,” says the

Prime Big Deal Days Men’s Clothing Sales

UNLIKE BLACK Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day fashion deals come twice a year now! This time around in the form of Prime Big Deal Days, starting at 3 a.m. EDT on October 10, and running through October 11, according to Amazon’s official press release (it’s right around the corner!). With these October’s Prime Day fashion deals, you can get an early jump on your holiday gifting—well before those other two major shopping events—or just treat yourself to a wardrobe upgrade.


As if that weren’t enough good news, our editors have assembled some of the best early Prime Day fashion deals for you to get a head start on the action, way before Prime Big Deal Days. We combed through the best clothing brands on Amazon to spot discounts on wardrobe essentials like t-shirts, dress pants, jackets, watches, socks, and underwear. It has never been easier or more affordable to stock up for yourself and start knocking off your holiday shopping list nice and early. So check out these killer early Amazon Prime Day fashion deals—some as much as 70% off—before Prime Big Deal Days hits, cause this stuff will sell out quickly!

Best Prime Big Deal Days Clothing Deals


Best Prime Big Deal Days Shoe Deals


On Sale

Rockland Chelsea Boot

Deer Stags Rockland Chelsea Boot

Now 62% Off

On Sale

997H V1 Sneaker

New Balance 997H V1 Sneaker

Now 28% Off

On Sale

Gel-Kayano 29 Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Kayano 29 Running Shoes

Now 38% Off

On Sale

OriginalGrand Knit Wingtip

Cole Haan OriginalGrand Knit Wingtip

Now 55% Off

On Sale

Nelson Bay Shearling Indoor/Outdoor Moccasin Slipper

Fireside by Dearfoams Nelson Bay Shearling Indoor/Outdoor Moccasin Slipper

Now 61% Off

On Sale

Sauvie Slip On Waterproof Rain Boot

Bogs Sauvie Slip On Waterproof Rain Boot

Now 55% Off

Best Prime Big Deal Days Watch Deals


Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS 41mm]

Apple Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS

Mr. Saturday Throws Host Its Sophomore Men’s Paris Fashion Week Runway

DJing, nightlife, and fashion have a unique relationship among pop culture and foster intrinsic collaborations. As a DJ and founder of the Mr. Saturday clothing line, Joey Gollish knows it can be a monotonous job, but that nightlife is about dressing up and being the [freest] version of oneself. The historical significance of nightlife as a safe haven for marginalized communities has allowed many to express their passion for music and its role in driving creativity and culture.

The evolution of DJing and the mix of different music genres explains how Mr. Saturday channels the idea of feeling free and expressing oneself through fashion. A sartorial discussion of breaking societal rules and bending fashion norms, Mr. Saturday represents the opportunity to be true to themselves – especially on the weekend.

“I’ve been DJing since before I made clothes,” Gollish notes. “I think, for me, it was just a big learning moment of – if I want to work 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM four nights a week. I love playing when I get the opportunity,” as he did recently.”

Gollish recalls his recent experience during a premier in Cannes, “So The Idol premiered at Cannes, and Abel [The Weeknd] and the team invited me to DJ the official HBO after party. I got to play with Justice, which was super cool. [There were] DJ’s

31 Best Men’s Clothing Brands in 2023: Basics, Sweats, T-Shirts, Underwear, Chinos, & More

Whether you’re a seasoned stylist, a fashion enthusiast, or a total menswear noob, basics are the necessary building blocks for every great wardrobe. These days, men’s clothing brands are pumping out adrenaline-soaked collections that fuel the hype machine into overdrive. But before you rush out the door chasing every hot new designer and hopping on every fashion trend you see on your FYP, you gotta set a firm foundation for your closet. Put another way, do you think style gods like Shai Gilgous-Alexander’s closet is full of bad underwear and zero plain white tees?

Hoodies, button-down shirts, socks, chinos—these are the building blocks of any great outfit. With the right styling, those foundational pieces can even play a starring role and take your looks to the even greater heights. But just because a plain white T-shirt boasts designer origins doesn’t mean it’s worth the money. That’s why we gathered the best men’s clothing brands to stock up on basics and beyond. If you’re looking for unbeatable value, quality, and versatility, the 31 labels listed here deliver all of that in spades. 

Our Go-To Brands for Menswear Basics, Broken Out by What They Do Best

Cult-Loved Tees

What other T-shirt brand gets name-checked in a Frank Ocean song and makes ultra-durable tees that cost less than $10 a pop? Gildan is beloved by screenprinters and streetwear dudes alike for its consistent quality and affordability.

Gildan crew t-shirts 6-pack

Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirt 2-pack

If you like your T-shirts soft, faded, and with the air of a rare vintage-store grail, Jungmaven’s hemp tees will be your new addiction. Unsurprisingly, the Cali brand also excels in the art of tie-dye. 

Comfort Colors is part of the extended Gildan family, so it’s no surprise its tees are another best-seller. They’re softer than a Drake

26 Best Men’s Clothing Brands 2023, According to Style Editors

26 Best Men’s Clothing Brands 2023, According to Style Editors

<p><strong><em>Read more: </em><a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/technology-gear/a43807148/our-expertise-mens-health-product-reviews/” target=”_blank” data-vars-ga-outbound-link=”https://www.menshealth.com/technology-gear/a43807148/our-expertise-mens-health-product-reviews/” data-vars-ga-ux-element=”Hyperlink” data-vars-ga-call-to-action=”Learn How Men’s Health Tests Products”><em>How </em>Men’s Health<em> Tests Products</em></a></strong></p><p>Since 2020, our style editors have tried on and tested over 80 clothing brands for men that offer anything from full black-tie pieces to laid-back seasonal essentials. To curate the elites of men’s clothing brands, our criteria are: clothes that not only look sharp but also feel amazing, timeless designs that last, and core styles that form the foundation of every modern man’s wardrobe. Below, the 26 best clothing brands for men make stuff that’s worth every penny without compromising on craftsmanship and style. </p><p>So let our selection be your ultimate roadmap to building a versatile wardrobe rotation, and bid adieu to those outdated garments as we introduce you to a world of fresh sartorial possibilities with these best clothing brands for men.<br></p><p><a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/style/g41408655/best-cheap-online-clothings-stores/” target=”_blank”><strong>Best Affordable Online Clothing Stores</strong></a> | <strong><a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/style/g35374569/cheap-clothing-brands-for-men/” target=”_blank”>Best Affordable Clothing Brands</a> | <a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/style/g38446421/best-athleisure-brands-for-men/” target=”_blank”>Best Athleisure Brands</a> </strong>| <strong><a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/style/g38108880/best-menswear-to-buy-on-amazon/” target=”_blank”>Best Clothing Brands on Amazon</a></strong> | <a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/style/g43601197/best-sustainable-clothing-brands/” target=”_blank”><strong>Best Sustainable Clothing Brands</strong></a></p>” />

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Best men’s clothing brand for wardrobe basics

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon

Best men’s clothing brand for wardrobe basics

Mack Weldon

When it comes to modern basics, it doesn’t get much more streamlined than Mack Weldon. The brand specializes in high-quality staples created from custom fabrics that enhance quality and comfort. If wondering where to start, we suggest thinking of Mack Weldon as your go-to underwear brand. From there, you can dig in to find t-shirts, crewnecks, sweatpants, and hoodies made with performance and durability in mind.

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