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B.C. Tories call for top doctor’s job over continued vaccine mandates for health-care workers

The Conservative Party of BC is calling on the New Democrat-led government to fire Dr. Bonnie Henry over a continued requirement that health-care workers in the province be vaccinated against COVID-19.

In the legislature this week, Abbotsford South’s Bruce Banman — one of only two Conservative MLAs — accused the “extreme leftist NDP government” and its “unelected bureaucrats” of failing British Columbians with its mandate in the midst of a health-care crisis. He and party leader John Rustad, who represents Nechako Lakes, doubled down on their call on Thursday.

Click to play video: 'BC Greens remove deputy leader Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi for inappropriate tweet'

BC Greens remove deputy leader Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi for inappropriate tweet

“British Columbia is one of very few jurisdictions in the world that refuses to hire back unvaccinated health-care workers,” Banman posted on X.

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“We need these people in the system. We’ve got ERs that are shutting down, hospitals that are a mess … I think it is incompetent not to hire these people back and put them to work.”

The calls came just before the deputy leader of the BC Greens, Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi, stepped down for “liking” a post on X that compared Henry, the provincial health officer, to Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi doctor who experimented on concentration camp victims during the Second World War. Gandhi has since said that the “like” was accidental.

“In mid-September, an individual I follow on X (formerly Twitter) posted a letter and comments, including an impassioned critique of healthcare delivery

Should the B.C. government lift the COVID-19 vaccination mandates for health-care workers? – Poll

Poll: Health care mandate

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Union of BC Municipalities delegates voted Sept. 21 against calling on the B.C. government to lift COVID-19 vaccination mandates for health-care workers.

A resolution said B.C. is one of the last remaining provinces in Canada requiring a vaccine mandate for health-care professionals. This has exacerbated a shortage of health-care workers due to dismissal of those workers who refused vaccination.

The resolution said the government should lift the mandate and allow those workers to return to work to lessen the strain on the health-care system.

Speakers spoke passionately both for and against the resolution, presented at this week’s annual UBCM convention in Vancouver; numerous people against the resolution said the issue is one that belongs to public health officials, not politicians.

“This is a health issue,” Victoria Coun. Dave Thompson said. “We need to stay in our lane as city councillors.”

He said the issue needing to be addressed is paying more and providing improved working conditions.

Health-care workers “of all people” should be following medical guidelines, added Saanich Coun. Teale Phelps Bondaroff.

Saanich Coun. Karen Harper spoke against the resolution. She’s been spending a lot of time with her 95-year-old mother in hospital recently. She wants to know that her mother is not going to be infected because someone chose not to be vaccinated.

“This is a decision that should be left up to medical professionals,” she said.

Mark Gisborne, director on the qathet Regional District said he’s double vaccinated — and works in health care.

However, he said the vaccinated workers’ situation has led to workers moving between areas and leaving smaller places with inadequate services. And, he said, it has led to a decreased workforce.

“I’m exhausted,” he said.

COVID: Ont. mandates keep some from helping hospital crunch

About 160 veteran nurses, personal support workers and health-care technicians, along with their families, gathered in a church hall in Port Perry, Ont., in person or by video conference, on a snowy afternoon this past Saturday.

These distressed individuals have a message for patients waiting for health care in the province: we want to work on the front lines but are being shut out.

“I am ready, willing and able to work,” Lori Turnbull told CTV National News. But nobody will hire her.

The 58-year-old once worked in surgery and rehabilitation but was fired a year ago from a hospital in London, Ont., after a 30-year career.

In fact, all of the health workers in this unusual audience were terminated after declining to get two COVID-19 vaccinations in 2021, as required by all 140 of Ontario’s public hospitals and some nursing and retirement homes.

“I worked in emergency … for 20 years,” Casie Desveaux, a nurse from Hamilton, Ont., told CTV National News “I dedicated myself to that job.”

She now says she works in an office for her brother. She knows her hospital remains seriously understaffed.

“I worry … for the staff that are there … It is very scary,” she said.

The group at the church gathering wants Ontarians to know there are experienced front-line workers who want to return to duty but are blocked by vaccine policies imposed by hospitals in the province, despite Ontario itself not requiring health workers to be vaccinated.

“I think people were aware that we were fired or let go,” Anna Luxton, who worked as an emergency nurse, told CTV National News. “But I think since the province said they lifted the mandates last March that [people] figured that we would have

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