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Kristin Juszczyk’s clothing line doesn’t stand alone in NFL fashion

In February for Black History Month, USA TODAY Sports is publishing the series “29 Black Stories in 29 Days.” We examine the issues, challenges and opportunities Black athletes and sports officials continue to face after the nation’s reckoning on race following the murder of George Floyd in 2020. This is the fourth installment of the series.

This week Kiya Tomlin posted a message on TikTok and her words, despite such a short video, said so much.

“Kiya Tomlin here,” she started. “Wife of 27 years to Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. So all this talk about where is all the really cool licensed NFL apparel for women. I just have to say: Been here, been doing that.”

The video then switched to images of women wearing Tomlin’s NFL inspired designs. The message was powerful and clear.

“After seeing all the commotion about Taylor Swift,” Tomlin said in an interview with USA TODAY Sports, “I just wanted to say, ‘I’m here. I’ve been doing this. Here’s my work.'”

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I’m the guy who wears his pajamas into the grocery store so fashion isn’t my thing but by all accounts Tomlin’s designs, including her NFL licensed apparel, are stylish, and high quality. Also, her track record in this space is lengthy, starting in 2014, and she says her products are cut and sewn in America. She’s a small business success story.

So why have so few people heard of what she’s doing? That’s a great question and the answer is nuanced. But it cannot be answered without the context of the story of Kristin Juszczyk.

She is the wife of 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk. Kristin, too, started a clothing line and like Tomlin, she was able to get

Kristin Cavallari’s Healthy Eating Philosophy Is Refreshingly Simple

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make a big impact. This rings especially true when it comes to one’s health. In TZR’s series Step-By-Step, tastemakers speak to the minor moves that can lead to mighty changes.

When Kristin Cavallari made her first foray into pop culture back in the early aughts — in all her low-slung jeans and choker-wearing glory — she instantly solidified her status as the quintessential cool California girl. And although the CEO of lifestyle brand Uncommon James spent her childhood and early teen years in Denver and the suburbs of Chicago, respectively, and has made Nashville her home for the last several years, the sentiment remains the same. The relaxed, carefree, no-B.S. attitude that first won over fans during those Laguna Beach days is alive and well, as evidenced most recently by her newly launched podcast, Let’s Be Honest, in which she shares refreshing takes on everything from dating advice to beauty secrets to her philosophy on food and fitness. When it comes to her advice on the latter, Kristin Cavallari is as relatable as you’d hope. “It’s everything in moderation,” she says.

If you’ve always pictured the former The Hills star as the kind of woman with whom you could grab a green juice post-Pilates, then later split a pitcher of margaritas, you’d be correct. While this kind of balance may seem on brand for Cavallari, it hasn’t always been the case. “I was raised in the ’90s [with] my mom making us casseroles. I didn’t have a really great sense of health, but to be fair, I don’t think most people did at that time,” she tells TZR. “I moved in with my dad in Laguna Beach when I was in high school. He was kind of always at the forefront of

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