Send your health information automatically on Android while calling 911 during an emergency; know how

Google has been integrating various life-saving features into its personal safety app in Android devices so users can utilise its benefits during a 911-like emergency. Just like Apple has included an emergency satellite SOS feature in its iPhone, Android is also taking a leap towards introducing various useful features for its users that could actually save a person’s life. Recently, in a collaboration with RapidSOS, Google included a new Android feature that will allow the device to automatically send the user’s health information when they try to contact emergency services such as while calling 911. What that will do is clear the confusion in emergency responders mind about you and it will also ensure they save a huge amount of time, which will allow them to start the treatment quickly and efficiently. Know all about the 911 emergency Android feature in brief to understand how it works.

About the new Android emergency feature

According to the 9To5Google report, Google and RapidSOS have partnered to bring a new Android feature that will share users’ health information and emergency contacts from Android ELS (Emergency Location Service) when they are calling 911 emergency services. The health information can be customised based on what the user wants to share, however, it includes basic data such as the user’s name, blood group, allergies, emergency contact details, etc saved on the Android device.

This feature will enable emergency responders to get basic medical information, so they act accordingly without any delay in procedures and medical tests. This Android feature is introduced for situations when the user is unable to share this information verbally due to critical conditions or when the caller is unable to speak due to any circumstances.

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RapidSOS quoted Tenea Reddick, ECC Director at Baltimore City Fire Department said, “This is when your smartphone becomes smart. This is when the information you put inside your phone becomes useful to 911. This information can be life-saving.”

This enhances public safety and Android users to act responsibly during emergencies. Know more about this Android feature here.

How Android emergency feature works

The feature will work for devices that support Android 12 or later versions. Users can choose what kind of medical data they want to share with the emergency responders when they make an emergency call or SMS. The feature is now available for OMEs and Pixel smartphones in the Personal Safety and other similar apps available on the device. Note that users will have to activate this feature to send responders critical medical data.

How to activate Android emergency feature

  • On your Android device, open the Personal Safety app.
  • Go to your info.
  • Now, tap on Emergency Info Access.
  • Active Share during emergency call.

RapidSOS also encourages Android users to activate the feature and keep their shared data up-to date to avoid any mistakes or confusion during emergencies. This Android feature gives responders the ability to act on the situation immediately and take corrective action to save someone’s life.

Apple also provides similar features which share all the details of the iPhone users to their emergency contact. The information includes the user’s location, iPhone battery, etc. Additionally, it also includes Emergency SOS via satellite which enables users to share their Medical ID and emergency contact details to the services.

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