Monroe County Health Department observes National Public Health Week

MONROE — The Monroe County Health Department is celebrating National Public Health Week through April 7.

“It is a time to recognize the contributions of public health and emphasize the programs and issues important to improving the health of a community,” the health department said in a news release.

All this week, the health department will offer health tips and highlight some of the services it offers to Monroe County. It also will feature local staff on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

The topic for Monday was Public Health. “Public health goes beyond individual healthcare; it’s about clean water, safe food and healthy neighborhoods,” the health department said.

Community recycling is one of the programs offered by the Monroe County Health Department.

The topic for Tuesday was the Community Recycling Program, which offers free recycling and disposal options for residents.

Today’s topic is National Walking Day. “Walking is a free, simple way to boost immunity, reduce stress, improve heart health and strengthen bones and muscles,” the health department said. For a list of community walking trails, visit


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