In-Home Health Care

With age comes new challenges. It is important to plan ahead for important things like long-term care. It can get expensive to plan for assisted living centers or nursing homes when all that the elderly patient really wants is to go home. In the past, this option might have been financially overwhelming. Once compared to the costs of care in a medical facility, this option proves to be quite competitive.

A really good in-home health care service will take the reins and provide you with fare planning and family intervention. They can guide you through the decision-making process to a custom individualized plan. They will come in and train the primary caregiver and can even provide extra services such as meal preparation, help with housecleaning, or simply provide companionship to their elderly charge. They can provide assistance with bathing, grooming, and other hygiene needs. They can help with feeding if the patient has difficulty feeding themselves. Many caregivers are trained and licensed nursing staff who can give the patient their medication and monitor their vital signs. They can help with the daily range of motion exercises necessary for recovery. Most importantly, they can assist with moving the patient whether it be as simple as walking with them or transferring them to a wheelchair. The customization options are endless when looking for home health care Bethesda Maryland.

Most important are the ultimate benefits of having in-home care services. The patient has more freedom and independence by being in their own home. There is a much lower risk of infection than that found in a hospital or nursing home environment. It is easier, and in many cases more comfortable, for friends and loved ones to visit. Ultimately, the patient would rather be at home anyways. In-home care also allows you, the primary caregiver, to take time for themselves, a service known as ‘respite care.’ In-home care isn’t just about the patient, it is about the entire family.

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