Google Cloud Launches New Generative AI Capabilities for Healthcare

Google Cloud has been on a relentless spree with its generative AI capabilities. Over the past year, the company has dedicated significant resources to building out its robust suite of tools, including its well-known Vertex AI Search platform, which enables organizations to easily build generative AI powered search tools.

Its latest innovation in this space is its introduction of new capabilities in Vertex AI specifically tailored for healthcare and life-sciences organizations, which the company announced today. Specifically, the new features will harness Vertex AI’s existing capabilities to search across data sources to go one step further and help organizations search for clinical information and study patient records more easily.

The value of these new capabilities is incredible. Most importantly, making search functions available at a granular enough level to encompass data across an entire organization’s ecosystem, in addition to data within EHRs (electronic health records), can significantly improve clinical workflows and the process of care delivery. For example, a clinician may be able to use a tool utilizing this technology to search a patient’s records to easily find the patient’s medication history, previous labs, and other information related to the patient’s care plan.

Furthermore, Google Cloud’s technology prides itself on two unique aspects. First, the product is designed to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use, meaning that organizations can deploy custom machine learning models with minimal expertise and experience. Moreover, the product boasts its interoperability features, enabling organizations to search across a wide spectrum of data sources, ranging from clinical notes to raw, unstructured data in the patient record. Given how siloed medical data is currently, this is a significant boon to healthcare organizations.

care.AI, an AI-powered ambient intelligence company, announced today that it will be integrating Google Cloud’s generative AI tools into its own Smart Care Facility Platform in order to improve healthcare facility management and patient care delivery.

Specifically, the platform’s aim is to enable healthcare facilities to become “self-aware” environments using’s Ambient Intelligent Sensors, which provide real time information to care teams and enable remote patient monitoring, AI-assisted virtual care, and generation of other ambient data insights. The Smart Care Facility Platform can also be scaled to provide support in creating care plan summaries, discharge notes, and other relevant paperwork for care teams, further aiding in making the clinical workflow more efficient.

Chakri Toleti, CEO of, describes that the collaboration with Google Cloud and integration of its technology brings the vision of predictive smart care facilities one step closer, especially by leveraging the power of AI to enable new ways to analyze data, generate insights, and ultimately augment care delivery.

Aashima Gupta, Global Director of Healthcare Strategy and Solutions for Google Cloud, further explains that “ is working to help its customers deliver a more intuitive, efficient, and human care environment […] By assisting nurses with relevant information, they are not just improving patient care; they are helping reimagine what’s possible in a world with limited healthcare resources. This is such a meaningful change.”

Indeed, this partnership holds significant potential for the future of virtual care and ambient analytics, especially as Google Cloud continues to drive forward with its generative AI capabilities and provides curated tools for healthcare organizations to harness this technology.


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