Ginger Zee wears Lara Spencer’s dress 16 months into not buying new clothes

Zee started the #nonewclothes challenge over one year ago.

ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee has not purchased any new clothes for the past 16 months, but she’s still wearing new-to-her clothes thanks to the help of friends.

One of those friends is her own “Good Morning America” colleague, Lara Spencer, whose recycled dress Zee wore Friday on “GMA.”

The two “GMA” stars each posted about the dress swap on Instagram.

“A clothing swap victory!! When one of us at GMA doesn’t wear something anymore we always offer it to the other women on the team. I didn’t love the fit of this dress on me any longer so I offered it to @ginger_zee and WOW!! IT LOOKS FAB ❤️,” Spencer captioned a post that included two photos of her with Zee in the dress. “It makes me so happy to see it still being loved and looking so perfect on GZ.”

Zee shared the same two photos on Instagram, writing, “16 months into my #nonewclothes challenge and I got lucky with a killer Lara-me-down 🙌 thanks @lara.spencer for always being a sustainability supporter.”

Last year, on June 1, Zee began participating in the “No New Clothes” pledge started by Remake, which describes itself as a “global advocacy organization fighting for fair pay and climate justice within the clothing industry.”

The pledge encourages people to not buy any new pieces of clothing for 90 days, but Zee has extended the pledge in her own life for over one year.

“When I saw the pledge was for 90 days, I did not think that would be that difficult. Come to find out, we might not realize how much we buy,” Zee wrote when she started the pledge last year. “The average person purchases 16 new items of clothing over a three month span, according to Remake. If we pledge to not do that, the impacts are significant, even just for one of us.”

Zee noted on “GMA” at the time that by taking the pledge for 90 days and reducing the amount of so-called fast fashion pieces they buy, a single person could, “save more than 2,500 gallons of water, eliminate the equivalent of 500 miles worth of driving and save $500 apiece.”

In addition to recycling clothes from colleagues like Spencer, Zee said she has eliminated the need to buy new clothes by shopping for recycled clothes at consignment stores and by shopping in her own closet.

In 2021, for example, Zee wore the same La Petite Robe Chiara Boni pants five days in a row on “GMA,” styling them to look different each day. She said she then loaned the pants to some of her ABC News colleagues in order to extend their use.


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