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three ways to avoid misleading information

We expect medical professionals to give us reliable information about ourselves and potential treatments so that we can make informed decisions about which (if any) medicine or other intervention we need. If your doctor instead “bullshits” you (yes – this term has been used in academic publications to refer to persuasion without regard for truth, and not as a swear word) under the deception of authoritative medical advice, the decisions you make could be based on faulty evidence and may result in harm or even death.

Bullshitting is distinct from lying – liars do care about the truth and actively try to conceal it. Indeed bullshitting can be more dangerous than an outright lie. Fortunately, of course, doctors don’t tend to bullshit – and if they did there would be, one hopes, consequences through ethics bodies or the law. But what if the misleading medical advice didn’t come from a doctor?

By now, most people have heard of ChatGPT, a very powerful chatbot. A chatbot is an algorithm-powered interface that can mimic human interaction. The use of chatbots is becoming increasingly widespread, including for medical advice.

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ChatGPT’s greatest achievement might just be its ability to trick us into thinking that it’s honest

In a recent paper, we looked at ethical perspectives on the use of chatbots for medical advice. Now, while ChatGPT, or similar platforms, might be useful and reliable for finding out the best places to see in Dakar, to learn about wildlife, or to get quick potted summaries of other topics of interest, putting your health in its hands may be playing Russian roulette: you might get lucky, but you might not.

This is because chatbots like ChatGPT try to persuade you without regard for truth. Its rhetoric is so persuasive that gaps in

Catholic Fashion Designer Enters the Convent After Co-Creating Modest Clothing Line

Olivia and Veronica dreamed of creating a Catholic clothing brand for women.

Shortly before seeing that dream come true, one of them felt a different calling: a vocation to religious life.

Olivia recently made her temporary vows with the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne.

Litany, the Catholic clothing brand they founded, shared their recent reunion at Olivia’s (currently Sister Maria Dominique) first profession of vows.

Although both founders grew up on opposite sides of the United States, their search for a faith community united their paths.

“What started as a friendship over Christ, coffee, and conscious clothing, soon blossomed into a business idea as they both experienced the problems facing the fashion industry first-hand,” the brand stated on its website.

The company’s Instagram also listed the path both young women took on their journey: fabric shopping in college, their participation in a panel on modest fashion which inspired the company’s creation, opening a bank account for Litany, their first photo shoot, and Olivia joining religious life.

“Litany is possible because of [Sister Maria Dominique’s] generous, artistic soul,” the post says. “Knowing she was entering religious life, she still poured her heart into laying the foundation and making our first collection with Veronica. We are so joyful today. Please join us in praying for her as she lives out her vocation!”

Sister Maria Dominique studied fashion design at Parsons School for Design – The New School and created a collection inspired by the Sorrowful Mysteries for her thesis. Currently, she spiritually supports the brand through her prayer.

A Clothing Brand Focused on Drawing the Soul to God

On its website, Litany stated that its mission is “to offer women beautifully tailored, ethically manufactured, and functionally sustainable garments.”

“We believe you are more than just a body; you’re a

Meghan Markle Style – Photos of Meghan Markle’s Best Fashion Moments

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Kristin Cavallari’s Healthy Eating Philosophy Is Refreshingly Simple

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make a big impact. This rings especially true when it comes to one’s health. In TZR’s series Step-By-Step, tastemakers speak to the minor moves that can lead to mighty changes.

When Kristin Cavallari made her first foray into pop culture back in the early aughts — in all her low-slung jeans and choker-wearing glory — she instantly solidified her status as the quintessential cool California girl. And although the CEO of lifestyle brand Uncommon James spent her childhood and early teen years in Denver and the suburbs of Chicago, respectively, and has made Nashville her home for the last several years, the sentiment remains the same. The relaxed, carefree, no-B.S. attitude that first won over fans during those Laguna Beach days is alive and well, as evidenced most recently by her newly launched podcast, Let’s Be Honest, in which she shares refreshing takes on everything from dating advice to beauty secrets to her philosophy on food and fitness. When it comes to her advice on the latter, Kristin Cavallari is as relatable as you’d hope. “It’s everything in moderation,” she says.

If you’ve always pictured the former The Hills star as the kind of woman with whom you could grab a green juice post-Pilates, then later split a pitcher of margaritas, you’d be correct. While this kind of balance may seem on brand for Cavallari, it hasn’t always been the case. “I was raised in the ’90s [with] my mom making us casseroles. I didn’t have a really great sense of health, but to be fair, I don’t think most people did at that time,” she tells TZR. “I moved in with my dad in Laguna Beach when I was in high school. He was kind of always at the forefront of

34 Clothing essentials for every man’s wardrobe | British GQ

While the temptation is all too real to follow in the footsteps of Elton John when it comes to sunglasses, even the whackiest of men’s style icons have a classic pair of wayfarers, aviators or clubmasters for lower-key moments. These are best done in black or rich tortoiseshell acetate, and can add a touch of luxe with gold or silver hardware (see Tom Ford Eyewear and Ray-Ban) or the subtle flex of a designer logo at the temples. Keep this with you whenever there’s the tease of sunshine on the forecast, and save those more statement cat eye and matrix shapes for bigger ‘fits.

A black suit

Be it for a black tie event or a funeral, the black suit is a versatile staple for your tailoring collection. There are few smarter looks than a black suit, white shirt, black tie combo, but there’ll be plenty of ways to level up your looks in head-to-toe black or with a chunky pair of Derbies. Plus, you’ll likely get lots of use out of the trousers on their own.

A statement ring

The best way to flesh out your ‘fits? With some almighty accessories, of course. Take a page from the style book of Mr Mescal amid others and edge-up new-season looks with a flash of metal, silver or gold atop your fingers. You’re bound to discover you’re a hand-talker in no time.

Spinelli Kilcollin ‘Sirius’ 18kt gold ring

Le Gramme sterling silver ring

Tom Wood ‘Step’ sterling-silver ring

A pair of technical trousers

Sitting somewhere between a jogger and cargo pant aesthetically, but in the altogether lighter and more breathable fabrication of nylon, polyester, or a mix of the two, the technical trouser has become a very popular choice for those who favour the utilitarian look. Often coming with the functional

How does swimming in cold water affect your health?

Q: I keep hearing about the benefits of swimming in cold water. Is it actually good for you?

A: There is intriguing preliminary evidence that swimming in cold water may have antidepressant effects.

One study, conducted in Britain in 2020, reported that swimming in the cold ocean reduced depressed mood up to 10 times as much as it did in a group of controls who watched the swimmers from the beach. And a separate case report found that a woman with treatment-resistant depression experienced significant improvement in her depressive symptoms after swimming in cold seawater once a week.

But studies about the mental health benefits of cold water swimming tend to involve swimming with other people, so it’s hard to know whether it’s the socializing with others — or the swimming itself — that provides most of the observed antidepressant effect.

Still, cold water exposure has arousing and stimulating effects, and it appears to increase many substances that we know are involved in regulating mood. For example, studies that immerse healthy subjects in cold water show a spike in the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine. This is the same response that humans and animals have to danger and threat, and it is part of our hard-wired flight or fight reflex that affords enormous survival advantage.

Also, exposure to cold water causes release of endorphin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters that convey a sense of pleasure.

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I’m familiar with this feeling. On a recent hot night, I ran off to a large outdoor pool in Manhattan that was full of delightfully cool water. It was initially stimulating, but soon after I starting swimming, I

Black Friday Clothing Deals – What to Expect for 2023 Sales – WWD

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In this article

It’s that time of year again: The temperatures are cooling down, pumpkin spice lattes are dropping, and the major fashion sales are starting. That’s right, we’re talking about Black Friday. While it’s not quite time to shop official Black Friday deals, early Black Friday fashion deals are already rolling, so shoppers can infuse new life into their wardrobes and prepare for the cold weather days ahead. 

Retailers and brands like Nordstrom, Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Everlane, Skims, and more are now offering early Black Friday clothing deals on everything from high-waisted jeans, soft pajamas, and the best shapewear to fall coats and laptop bags.

The best part? These steals include bestselling designs and editor-approved silhouettes for everyone on your list. So whether you want to get a head start on purchasing gifts for women — like your girlfriend, wife, or mom — or you’ve been waiting all year for these deals, now’s your chance to save big. 

With styles and sizes already going fast on the early clothing deals, you won’t want to hesitate to add these deals to your cart. So keep scrolling because we’ve broken down all the best early fashion deals of 2023. Also, check out our carefully vetted roundup of the best Black Friday running sneaker deals while you’re at it.

Remember to bookmark this page, as we’ll keep it updated with all the best official Black Friday clothing deals as they roll in.

Best Last-Minute Amazon Gifts

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CDC calls Florida’s advice against new COVID booster ‘dangerous’

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is responding after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state’s surgeon general advised against getting the new booster.

DeSantis advised against anyone under the age of 65 from receiving the shot while Dr. Joseph Ladapo claimed the federal government wasn’t being safe about the risks.

CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen defended the new COVID-19 boosters as “proven safe” and “effective” and called the comments from DeSantis and Ladapo “dangerous.”

“Vaccination against COVID-19 remains the safest protection for avoiding hospitalizations, long-term health challenges, and death,” Cohen said in a statement. “As we head into the fall and winter seasons, it is important that Americans get the updated COVID-19 vaccine. They are proven safe; they are effective, and they have been thoroughly and independently reviewed by the FDA and CDC…Public health experts are in broad agreement about these facts, and efforts to undercut vaccine uptake are unfounded and dangerous.”

It comes as COVID-19 hospitalizations rise across the country and Florida is seeing higher admissions levels than other states.

As of Monday, 43 of Florida’s 67 counties reported moderate levels of weekly new hospital admissions for COVID-19 — a higher proportion than any other state in the U.S., data from the CDC shows.

Moderate levels indicate between 10 and 19.9 new hospital admissions per 100,000, and the CDC recommends wearing a mask if you are high-risk or self-testing before coming into contact with a high-risk patient.

PHOTO: Weekly COVID-19 New Hospital Admissions in Florida

Weekly COVID-19 New Hospital Admissions in Florida


Statewide, weekly COVID-19 hospitalizations have increased since the beginning of July from 951 the week ending July 1 to 2,406 the week ending Aug. 26, the latest date for which CDC data is available.

Although this is not a record-high in hospitalizations, it is the largest figure seen

new COVID-19 variants and fall vaccines

A late summer increase in COVID-19-related hospitalizations and the emergence of new coronavirus variants raises concerns about how best to counter infection and who should receive the newly-approved vaccines. Although data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the recent surge of cases remains far beneath peak pandemic-era numbers, worries have circulated about what precautions might be necessary to protect public health.

Lisa M. Lee, a professor of public health at Virginia Tech, answered questions about factors for concern and the importance of vaccination. Lee is an epidemiologist and bioethicist who has worked in public health and ethics for 25 years, including 14 years with CDC.

Q: When will the new COVID vaccine be available and who should get it?

“The newest COVID vaccines were deemed safe and effective by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Sept. 11, 2023. On Sept. 12, CDC recommended the vaccinesfor all persons over six months of age.  The new vaccines should be available in less than a week.  The data showed clear benefits of vaccination in reducing serious illness, hospitalizations, and deaths. This is especially important for persons at high risk for severe COVID — young children, older adults, people with chronic conditions including obesity, and people with compromised immune systems. CDC recommends that everyone over six months of age get this year’s new COVID vaccine, as it is effective against the newer variants we are seeing in circulation this year. If you’ve recently had COVID or recently gotten one of the older COVID vaccines, check with your health care provider about the best timing for getting the updated shot.”

Q: Does coronavirus remain a major threat to public health?

“COVID-19 remains a risk this fall and winter season, especially for people with less robust immune systems—people 65

Best Work Clothes For Women 2023

The best work clothes for women have come a long way since the ‘80s power suits of the Working Girl era. Dress codes—if there are even any—are more relaxed and casual in most offices. And for formal(ish) workplaces where a suit or blazer may be required, you’ve got more modern options to pick from. As editors and writers who have worked both from home and the office, we’ve experienced this shift firsthand—and have some well-considered recommendations. Ahead, we researched the best work clothes for women for your 9-to-whenever wardrobe and regular life, too.

We organized this list by category—best for affordable pieces, plus-size options, petite lengths and more—picking a top brand for each. The best overall pick, Everlane, has work clothes that touch on all those categories. Bookmark this page, too, because we frequently update our categories and picks. And for more work essentials, we also have guides to the best work pants for women, chic button-downs and cool blazers.

  • Best Work Clothes For Women Overall: Everlane
  • Best Affordable Work Clothes For Women: Quince
  • Best Plus-Size Work Clothes For Women: Eloquii
  • Best Petite Work Clothes For Women: J.Crew
  • Best High-End Work Clothes For Women: Reformation
  • Best Casual Work Clothes For Women: Madewell
  • Best Comfortable Work Clothes For Women: Lululemon
  • Best Modern Work Clothes For Women: Banana Republic
  • Best Sustainable Work Clothes For Women: Jenni Kayne
  • Best Travel Work Clothes For Women: M.M.LaFleur


Size range: 000 to 16 | Price range: $16 to $225 | Shipping and returns: Free shipping over $100; $7 shipping fee for 30-day returns (free in-store returns)

Well-stocked with elevated basics, Everlane is the best resource for workwear essentials that

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