Best Camp Clothes In Baldur’s Gate 3


  • BG3 offers a variety of casual outfits for customization in addition to fighting gear.
  • Players can find rare and expensive clothing in specific locations and shops in the game.
  • Some outfits can be borrowed from companions or looted from enemies and chests in different acts of the game.

Role-playing games are all about customization, and that’s one of the main reasons the genre is so popular. Most people think that means fighting gear, but it also includes the trend of casual outfits that are worn for looks as opposed to battle readiness.


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Baldur’s Gate 3 has whole closets, wardrobes, and dressers filled with sumptuous clothes to make rest time at camp more relaxing. In keeping with the romance options in BG3, there’s a nice variety of more sultry outfits for sexy campfire time. Don’t forget that the variety of clothing dyes available in the game can also be combined with casual wear.

Updated on January 23, 2024, by Kristy Ambrose: Even if it’s the player’s fourth or fifth playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, they are always going to find something new. That can mean gear, dialogue, cinematic events, or even more clothes for camp and casual dress-up time. The House of Hope and the Szarr Mansion in Act 3 are some of the best places to find some of the most expensive and rare clothing in the game, and all players have to do is open a few wardrobes to get them. For those that have the coin to spend, shops in Rivington and Wyrm’s Crossing have some nice selections of BG3 camp clothes, so players can arrive in the city looking their best.

Almost all of the following outfits are available at the Facemaker Boutique in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate, but for players that don’t want to wait for Act 3 most of them can be looted from certain enemies, found in homes and chests, and borrowed from specific companions. Moonrise Towers and the interior of the buildings in Reithwin Town are a good place to start.

9 Minthara’s At-Ease Clothes

Looted Or Borrowed from Minthara In Act 1

minthara's at ease clothes bg3

Faerun seems to have a love-hate relationship with Drow culture. The elven denizens of the Underdark are feared as much as admired, and players have to admit they have some nice design ideas, especially when it comes to BG3 camp clothes.

As the name suggests, players can find Minthara’s At-Ease Clothes earlier in the game by either recruiting the Drow in the Goblin Camp or killing her and looting them from her corpse. It’s a nice mix of cool but revealing for those who like sexy to be comfortable. It appears elsewhere in the game but is simply called a Drow Outfit.

8 Chocolatier Style Doublet

Found Or Bought In The Upscale Part Of The City

camp clothes chocolatier style doublet

This sleek but comfortable after-slaying suit can be found in several upper-class wardrobes in Baldur’s Gate and Rivington. It’s got the Elizabethan collar and puffy sleeves but somehow doesn’t look uncomfortable or pretentious.


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The name comes from the mix of caramel, red, and brown, which is nice enough but some players might find it too neutral. Pull out some dye and make it purple or pink, more like candy floss, or a darker color to make it a more formal example of BG3 camp clothes.

7 Elegant Robe

Buy It At The Facemaker Boutique Or Other Upscale Locations

elegant robe split image EA guardian and shadowheart bg3

During the Early Access period of the game, the Guardian character was shown wearing a distinctive pink robe accented with gemstones and gold jewelry. The Guardian now wears a handsome suit of plate armor, but the Elegant Robe from the EA days is still in the game as the Elegant Robe.

The Elegant Robe appears in bedroom chests and wardrobes along with being counted among the stock at the Facemaker Boutique. White is the original color of this flowing wraparound, but it’s possible to use clothing dye to change it. It looks great on Shadowheart, especially when her hair changes color to white.

6 Comfortable Ashmeadow Outfit

Looted From Chests Or Wardrobes In Act 2

comfortable ashmeadow outfit karlach split image

The corset and puffed sleeve combination are sleek, stylish, and comfortable, and depending on the accessories it can be nice for either a casual evening by the campfire or an afternoon picnic in Rivington. The design is based on something that recalls medieval dresses, but the bottom is a pair of pants as opposed to a shirt, so it’s still functional and versatile.

This is one of the few laced-up outfits in the game that isn’t painfully formal or shiny. Party clothes are nice, but not everyone wants to look like they just killed a vampire lord or a devil and raided every closet, chest, and wardrobe in the house.

5 Spring Slimfit Outfit

Found In Various Places In The Underdark

spring slimfit outfit split image bg3

The Spring Slimfit Outfit is sleek, sporty, and perfect for those starry nights by the campfire. This can be found in various places in the Underdark that have a glimmer of civilization and wealth, such as Moonrise Towers, or purchased in Baldur’s Gate.


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Green is the default color of this outfit, which seems to be the case with most of the casual clothes players find early in the game, so don’t be afraid to combine it with some dye for fun and variety. For those who prefer more coverage for those cool nights, there’s something called the Comfortable Blue Red Outfit that looks the same but has long sleeves.

4 Shadowheart’s Clothes

You Can Borrow Any Recruited Companions’ Clothes

shadowheart's clothes split image bg3

Sometimes it’s not required to search through strange closets or go shopping to find nice casual clothes in BG3. All of the companions in the game are already equipped with a set of campfire clothes when the protagonist meets them, and they can put those BG3 camp clothes on their character if they want.

It could be either leather or vinyl, but no matter what it looks both slinky and comfy, with the low cut, cropped shirt and silver accents. It’s designed with Shadowheart in mind, matching the bauble in her hair, for example, but more than a few players slip into these when they want to wear something more comfortable.

3 Brocade Ensemble

The Outfit Tav Wears For The Reunion Party

brocade ensemble bg3

This is one of the best outfits because there’s no effort to find it or even put it on, although it’s possible to find it in other locations like The House of Hope or the Janneth Estate. The description mentions that the style is from Waterdeep, suggesting that the hero has been doing some traveling since defeating the Absolute.

The Brocade Ensemble is what the main character wears to the reunion party that Withers has arranged, and it’s something to wear when players want to show off while reminiscing about past adventures. This lovely bit of BG3 camp clothing has just enough shine to make it beautiful without being gaudy. Any more glitter and Tav would look more like the musical act than the guest of honor.

2 Raffish Mettalic Shaded Outfit

Various Locations In Act 2 And The Start Of Act 3

raffish metallic shaded outfit split image bg3

There are a few variations on this pantsuit in the game, and their color and fabric range make them more or less formal. They start to appear in Act 2, with more daring colors and patterns showing up as the player moves on to the big city.


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The Raffish Mettalic Shaded Outfit can be found in chests or wardrobes in Rivington and is part of the regular stock at the Facemaker Boutique. This might be more of a cocktail outfit or dinner on the town, so keep it on hand for when Karlach asks the player on a hot date.

1 Astarion’s Eccentric Clothes

Stealing The Boyfriend’s Clothes

astarion's eccentric clothes split image bg3

Shadowheart isn’t the only companion with a cool set of BG3 camp clothes the protagonist might want to borrow. Astarion’s frilly white shirt might just be reminiscent of Lestat’s distinctive jacket and cuffs from the movie Interview with a Vampire, but regardless of the inspiration, it looks cool.

It’s a simple white shirt and black pants combination, and if the player uses dye to change the color, it only affects the shirt. Don’t forget to replace this once one’s character is wearing it, and make sure to give everyone’s favorite vampire spawn something classy to replace it. A popular replacement choice among players seems to be Minthara’s At-Ease Clothes.



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