Although Not Like Sports, Tips This Workout Can Give You a Flat Stomach

Having a distended stomach is always successful to make you upset. You are already confident really eh can directly drop fit again mirror for seeing the stomach that stands out. Hence, the desire to flatten the stomach soaring high ya. But, because of the solid activity and the sense of want to flatten the stomach up and down, would not want you to be upset yourself to make it and come to


You also choose to do your own workout, for example, sit ups and push ups in the room. Actually, it does not matter as long as the routine does it. Unfortunately because of this unstable intention, your efforts yesterday became useless. You get tired of yourself without any results.


Well, fortunately, one of our Illusionist would like to share workout tips when Hipwee meets him in a Meet and Greet event organized. Let the beginners like you do not confuse the workout that fits like how immediately wrote yuk refer the tips from Demian!


Because for the sake of a flat stomach, a well-ordered exercise needs to be done!

  1. Do not try all the tools. Use tools that are not too heavy, such as Bosu balls to shrink the stomach.

You are often worried about a self-taught exercise, it should choose to do it in a gym. Because you still lay, you must be confused with various fitness tools that do not know yet. Therefore, you can choose a tool that is not too heavy who, for example, a useful bosu ball shrink the stomach.

Because heavy loads are usually to build muscle. Meanwhile, to build muscle must be burned first fat by using bosu ball.


  1. Do mild movements that are safe for beginners to avoid injuries, such as raising balls with legs, planking, and sit ups.

When you come to the gym, maybe you’ll be stunned because the people there do a variety of movements that you have never seen. Because it’s still a beginner, you’re just dabbling away from what they do. In fact, not necessarily their movements in accordance with the conditions you know.


Therefore, Demian who from some time ago often share tips on his mignon migrants workout is advisable should be a mild movement first. Because, it is feared to cause injury if you force to try a lot of movement, especially if you do not know every function. Let your bloated belly flat, you can start from the ball bosu by lifting it with the feet, then planking and sit ups.


In order for optimal results, lift the ball bosu as much as 11-12 times and followed by planking and sit ups. Direct 3 stages so done? Calm down, you can take a break time of at least 1 minute hehe when the pause. ; D


  1. Good results do need to be done optimally. Arrange the exercises let your body not bother

Spirit must be embedded in the body of dreams come true. But that does not mean you do it every day, too. Hey, love your body well and please remember that your body is like a machine that can be damaged. Exercises are forced to result in a decreased body condition and this is certainly not good for you to the front. Therefore, set the exercise schedule well yes. Do not do every day every day to rest. Not from the frequent and the many, but little exercise routine must be done.

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