5 Easy Cooking Tricks for More Delicious and Healthy Food

Of course, this skill will be more honed if you apply some tips that can make food more delicious and healthy, for detail food recipes

Add nutritious yeast in any dish
Do not hesitate to add nutrients through yeast, such as Parmesan cheese, into each of your meals. In addition to adding more delicious flavor, you do not need to add much more flavoring in the diet. Parmesan also adds protein and vitamin B12 in your diet, so keep your body healthy.

Always boiled meat before cooking
If you often cook directly various meats, then the nutrients contained in it will be damaged. For that, always boiled chicken, fish, or beef before cooked to avoid various substances that damage the nutrients.

Recommended lettuce ingredients are spices and chili to reduce bad fats and carcinogens when cooking meat in high temperatures.

Use nuts in your diet
By adding nuts in your various foods such as vegetables, salads, to hamburgers, the fiber content in the food will increase. Peanut butter is also powerful to replace the oil used in sauces, dressings, to toast to improve fiber and good fats.

Feel free to experiment with spices
Spices are known as food ingredients that contain many healthy nutrients. Using herbs can enhance your food taste and get the benefits of good substances for the body. Provide various types of spices in the kitchen for a healthier life.

Add water, not oil
If your food is often sticky in the frying pan, there is an easy and quick way to avoid it. The trick is to add water to the dish, rather than having to add cooking oil. Water will keep food moist and prevent sticky food from frying when cooking.

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