The Benefits of a MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI has many benefits when it comes to diagnosing a problem. However, it can also be beneficial for keeping track of how well treatments are working. The MRI scanner takes images of parts of the body to provide valuable information to doctors. It can take these images in a many directions, making it more beneficial than x-rays or computed tomography (CT).

Clearer Images

A MRI can provide clear pictures of the area of the body that is being scanned to help doctors find problems more quickly. Often, neurosurgeons use MRI to scan the brain. They can see swelling or bleeding as well as aneurysms or tumors. In stroke patients, a MRI can tell physicians if brain tissue has been deprived of oxygen.

Other areas of the body where a MRI is advantageous is the hips. The MRI can distinguish between soft tissue and the bones to diagnose things like arthritis. Sometimes, an x-ray will miss this if it is in the early stages. A correct diagnosis can be beneficial for providing the right treatment plan.

Improved MRI

Today, there are more options available to people who may need a MRI. Many times, they may feel anxious about the process, because traditional methods used enclosed spaces. For someone who suffers from claustrophobia or the fear of tight spaces, staying calm was nearly impossible. Middletown Medical Imaging is one example of a facility that offers an open mri.

In addition, patients that have a hard time moving can benefit from this type of MRI. Since it is more open, if a different position is needed for the test, a nurse can help patients move. It is also more comfortable for people with weight issues. They are not cramped or have difficulty getting into the machine.

Remaining calm while the images are taken is extremely important to the outcome. With more space, it is easier to remain still until the MRI is completed. Some facilities have even found that it is beneficial for patients to listen to relaxing music while the test is being conducted.