Keeping My Back Functional to Not Miss Work

I worked bent over all day in the garden. It was the first really nice day of spring. I had not been exercising like I should due to the wet weather of the winter. I did a lot of sitting at my desk and eating too many calories. My back could not hold up to the first real day of work I put it through. I had to go see my San Jose chiropractor the next day before work as my lower back was really hurting. I was walking like a very old man when I went into the office, but I walked out feeling a whole lot better.

I go to my chiropractor every time I do something stupid that causes my back to hurt. I have always had back trouble. I work out and do strength exercises using weights. I stretch and stretch and am very flexible. I just seem to have a way of really fatiguing my back to the point that I need to take a day or two off of work to recover if I cannot get to the chiropractor right away. I like it that I can make an appointment for the same day with my San Jose chiropractor. I do not have to endure the pain for a day or so until my appointment comes around.

I rely on my chiropractor to keep me working. There have been many times that I practically crawled into the office only to walk out normally. I feel incredibly better after the adjustment takes the pressure off of the nerves in my back. It is like an off switch for my back pain. Even when it is extremely bad, the adjustment tones down the pain to a much more manageable level. I use chiropractic several times a year to keep my old back going.