Jobs Within The Dental Field

If you are inclined to pursue a career in the medical field, then you will be greeted by a vast array of options to choose from. There are general practitioners, surgeons, and internist. If you are interested in oral care there are various subsets that you should be aware of. Let’s examine a few to see if any peaks your interests.


The most recognized career in oral care is the general dentist. Similar to a general practitioner physician, the role of the general dentist is the overall oral health of patients of all ages. To this end, they diagnose and treat various dental issues and aid patients in achieving better oral hygiene. They perform cleanings, surgeries, extractions, and fix bite issues among their duties.

Dental Hygienist

Another job that falls within the realm of dentistry is that of the dental hygienist. Their job is less broad than a general dentist and focuses primarily on teeth cleanings. They also perform examinations to ascertain if a patient has or is developing diseases such as gingivitis. Educating patients on how to achieve and maintain better oral health is also part of their job functions.

Dental Anesthesiologist

The job of the dental anesthesiologist specific in nature and requires a detailed skill set. Their only function is to manage the pain of patients throughout various dental procedures and surgery. They utilize a combination of a local and general anesthetic to numb and desensitize the area where work is being done. Those interested in this path of dental care can begin with a degree program or take oral sedation dentistry courses to get started.

Pursuing a career offers various types of jobs and experience. Each is a vital part of the overall goal of providing patients with better oral health. Each is also rewarding in its own right. If you are interested in a career in dental care, then you should embark on a bit of research to determine which job in the field fits you best.