Get Help Starting On a New Journey in Life After the End of a Relationship

Starting over after the end of a relationship can be difficult. A marriage is a partnership with shared money and other assets. When this partnership ends, there is more to worry about than a broken heart. The home, children, and financial security can be at stake. Even a partnership based on love without marriage can be difficult to move on from without legal help. Talking to a good lawyer can be the beginning of Starting on a New Journey in Life After the End of a Relationship.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

Dissolving a marriage is a legal as well as a personal matter. In addition to this, both parties have issues and negative feelings. One party may not want the relationship to end. Children, home, and finances must be divided or assigned to one party. Even an uncontested, amicable divorce can go wrong without legal help on both sides. The splitting of assets will leave both parties with less.

Now, two homes rather than one must be financed. Children, if any, will have to be in the custody of one partner or in a legal joint custody arrangement. This is the part where tempers and resentment can surface. The ideal outcome of a divorce or ending of a relationship is that the two parties part ways with few hard feelings and in as good financial shape as possible. The splitting of assets should be fair.

Getting A Fair Settlement

Not every marital or relationship partner plays fair when a break up is coming. It is hard to have a good journey in life if one is left destitute after the relationship ends. A lawyer can prevent that from happening. Lawyers such as Michelle Suskauer will give a client a free initial consultation. At this point, the client can state their case and ask how to proceed. The lawyer can give them ideas and suggest a plan to proceed on the legal issues.

If the relationship is in trouble because of domestic abuse or other criminal issues, a lawyer can help the client get relief and be safe. For more information, visit the website.