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What’s with Intellectual Property Law?

Yes it is true that intellectual property seems to be so common nowadays; it’s been spoken, heard, seen in written documents or even when signing one but it’s ironic that despite it is used widely, few people know what it is about. When starting with new employer, there’s typically a confidentially document or clause which includes IP references. Normally, this is to disclose that any creations of mind leading from employment or at employment are the employer’s property. Many actually sign these documents even if they haven’t reviewed it.

Intellectual property law is covering broad spectrum of legal territory ranging from copyright and trademark to design, inventions, creative aspects like music, art and writing and a lot more. By practicing IP law, this can be about protecting the company with intellectual property clause that’s mentioned in the contract or those who come up with the new ideas or designs. So as an example, IP lawyer may help entrepreneurs or inventor to file for patent of new invention or even file papers to trademark the logo of the invention. A musician or singer may also be seen working with an intellectual property lawyer in filing copyrights to be able to protect their rights on the sales of their works and recorded performances.

Due to the reason that this area is so wide and broad, it isn’t uncommon for intellectual property lawyers to have specialization within intellectual property law. There are legal professionals who may have engineering backgrounds or degrees that helps them to have knowledge or understanding of the industrial aspect of IP law.

With this being said, it is safe to say as well that some lawyers have experience and education in several other fields similar to banking, business, performing arts, non-profits and the likes. Again, this is to widen their grasp of the law and better practice the specialty and nuanced aspects of copyright, trademark and patent law.

Despite the fact that various cases in intellectual property law is involving individuals filing trademark and patents or copyright, there are several cases which involve businesses at the same time. Be it big companies or sole proprietorships, sooner or later they’ll need to file for copyright or trademark as well. By hiring the services of IP lawyer, it allows all possible infringements or conflicts be avoided and researched. These lawyers may be working to help with actual processing of filing the paperwork and even manage the copyright or trademark.

You never know but a newly formed business may unwittingly or intentionally infringed on trademark or copyright. You know that you’re protected with intellectual property lawyer on your side.

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