A 10-Point Plan for Websites (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How To Establish a Unique SEO Campaign Strategy for a Law Firm’s Website

To grab the attention of clients and grow your firm, you must have an advanced and interactive website. Also, you should be found. This is a circumstance where your SEO campaign is very essential. If your site only drives minimal traffic, how well-designed your site is disregarded. The site will provide no phone calls and leads. Here we delve into the five critical guidelines that you can use to take your web presence to the next level. Start to choose the keywords that you want to draw your attention to. Creating an SEO optimized website is an easy thing to do. People fear the word SEO .

However, this must not be the situation. The first step to take to optimize your site is to determine the keywords that are more relevant to your firm. Highly targeted keywords are more efficient than broad or generic keywords. When you use the keyword ‘New York Attorney,’ it is very general. Not less than 166,000 lawyers litigate in New York. This type of keyword will not get you seen by clients. Rather you should concentrate on your specific area of practice. For example, a keyword like ‘New York City Divorce Attorney’ is a better technique. Check out where rival firms rank for your selected keywords. When you have decided on the keywords, go to google and search for them. Determine the businesses that have high ranks for it. This is an easy means to be aware of your immediate competition and their rankings.

Spend time browsing their sites to see how they use their keywords to get them highly ranked. Your website must be mobile optimized. There is an increase in the search for law firms on mobile phones. Thus, it is necessary for your site to be well designed so that the smartphones can load the web pages quicker. Besides, a mobile-friendly site betters your ranks in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A site that is not mobile-responsive will rank at the bottom of the search results. A perfect example of a mobile-friendly law firm website is the website of Stephen Babcock. You can borrow some of his techniques to create yours.

Another tip is to optimize the keywords on your Homepage. When you have decided on the target keywords, make sure that your home page is consistent with them. Also, it is advisable to create keyword-specific pages. Search engines favor you for having a significant amount of content about specific keywords. Implement more pages and blogs with the top keywords for you to get highly ranked.