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Five Athletic Books That You Must Read

It is important that you exercise all parts of your body for proper fitness. The truth is most likely that you have been spending much time in the gym while neglecting an important muscles of your body.It is important to remember that the brain requires exercise for it to expand just like other muscles. Make a challenge for your mind so that it can grow. One of the ways of exercising your mind is to read books especially the fiction ones. Irrespective of your preference for the fiction or non-fiction books, these five books for athletic fitness freak in you are a must read.

Born to Run by Chris McDougall is a book for any runner looking for inspiration. McDougall, a foreign correspondent for the associated press was a passionate runner. He started to look for tools that could alleviate knee pain like the compression socks and special shoes. In his search, he came across a tribe of super-runners in the Mexican mountains who ran with old tired treads strapped to their feet. He did extensive research and discovered how and why humans are built to run. once you hold this book, you won’t keep it down.

The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown is a more history inclined. The narration reminds you of the men crew at the University of Washington that went to the Olympics competition in Berlin at the brink of the world war II. The story of the gold-winning crew who came from shipyard and logging background is told. Here, heavy themes of teamwork and perseverance’s are laced throughout the book.

Michael Lewis is the author of the Blind Side which has soft and enticing story flow. Michael Oher, an African American boy, is the center of the story. He was taken under the wing of a white family that loved football. He starts to play football and realize that is good in speed, size and agility to be an offensive and therefore protect the quarters back’s blind side. This is a book that is nice for perseverance and adversity while you give it the best shot.

The Thrive by Brendan Brazier is the fourth book in this list. All vegetarian authorities out there will benefit from this books. He was passionate about plant-based diet and therefore wrote the book on the topic and found the Vega sports performance products. He aimed to prove clean eating can fuel all kinds of athletic activity such as building muscle mass.

The Obstacle by Ryan Holiday is a book that was written by Ryan Holiday and will help you if obstacles are holding you back form workouts. You learn to focus on things that you can control and leave everything that is out of your control.