5 Effective Communication Tips In The Family

The following 5 effective family communication can be successful, namely:

1. Mutual respect and respect.

Communication will be effective in the family if there is mutual respect and respect among its members. The appreciation of the parent (sender of the message) will foster confidence and generate feedback from the child (the recipient of the message). Parents and children will successfully communicate if there is mutual respect.

2. A sense of empathy.

Empathy is the ability to hear and understand others, before being heard or understood by others. Effective communication will work if each family member has a sense of empathy. Mutual dialogue with openness, listening to complaints and hopes. Hear not only through the senses, but also using the heart and feelings. This will lead to mutual trust and involvement of each family member.

3. Messages that are easy to understand, understood and well received.

A message must be delivered in a manner or attitude that can be understood, interpreted and received well by the recipient of the message. This can be done with a bright face, with a smile, a good language and a smooth, unemotional speech.

4. Deliver messages in a certain moment.

One of the good and ideal moments to communicate is when eating together. This activity in addition to making all family members can gather at one table, also can exchange opinions, ask each other’s activities, discussions, solutions and so forth. Then use the dining table as an opportunity to share in the family.

5. Go on vacation together or just a walk.

Going on vacation or sightseeing is one way to spend time with family members. This can make family relationships stay close, warm and intimate with one another. Communication becomes effective in the family environment if the relationship between members is well and harmonious.